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Who are some of your sample clients?

My clients vary in both size, and nature of occupation. I have designed sites for primarily scientific content (chemtracker technologies) all the way to a web presence for a corporation in the leisure industry (Red Cottage Inn). You will see that I offer many different solutions to fit every business need, from a small single page site to a more demanding, complex multi click through design. Fundamentally, I feel that there is no industry that is so esoteric or ill defined, that a high end marketing presence on the web could not be provided. If you participated in such labors with other companies and they have not born fruit, maybe it's time to plant a different tree.

How do I contact you?

For more information about my process, click here. It will provide you with a basic run down of process, services provided, requisite qualifications of the principals and a view of portfolio work that has already been delivered. If you have any questions for the principal's themselves, please feel free to e-mail them directly to

What technologies do you use?

I utilize the latest in both web technology and graphic design. When generating the site design specifications, I incorporate a multitude of tools ranging from basic HTML and CSS (the base of almost every web site), to more complex, higher order technologies such as Java, PHP, MySQL, Flash, etc. This provides a highly interactive website with a rich, robust feel that provides the ultimate vehicle to drive client business.

Who Am I?

I am a senior level web developer based out of Woodland Hills, California. I provide work for a wide variety of clientele, ranging from global enterprises to local firms who need a professional facelift. I have ten years of direct internet experience, with the past seven years dedicated specifically to the professional development and maintenance of interactive web sites. In addition to content delivery, I provide original graphic design and pictorials; thereby providing the client with ultimate control over both content and art.


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